2 Pack Epoxy System

What is two-pack epoxy?

There are many different types of flooring around, and with so many choices to consider, it can be hard choosing the perfect flooring type for your site. One of the most popular choices around is two-pack epoxy. You may not have heard of it (although you’ve no doubt seen it on plenty of floors), so here’s everything you need to know.


So, what exactly is epoxy?

Epoxy is an organic compound containing carbon chains linked to oxygen, hydrogen, or nitrogen, and is a type of polymer. An epoxy coating can be likened to a coat of thick paint, but as well as coating the surface in a colour, the 2-pack epoxy system will form a chemical bond with the floor, giving it a slightly plastic appearance that looks something like shiny concrete.

What is a 2-pack epoxy system?

A 2-pack system, as it sounds, involves 2 packs of flooring solution that need to be combined before applying to the floor. This type of paint system contains an acrylic paint melamine and a hardener resin, which, when combined, produce a chemical reaction that results in a hardened flooring surface.

Once the 2-pack system has been applied, you will have an attractive, seamless floor that can withstand chemical damage, moisture and wear and tear. It’s a fit-for-purpose solution that will give you a smooth, glossy and professional-looking floor that you’ll be proud to show off.

What are the benefits of a 2-pack epoxy system?

Two-pack epoxy floors do not just look great. One of the other main benefits of 2-pack systems is the fact that you do not need heat to cure, or ‘set’ the paint. 2-pack epoxy can cure at room temperature, making it a much quicker way to apply a floor coating. There are plenty of other advantages too.

Benefits of a 2-pack epoxy floor coating:

• Tough and durable
• Easy to clean
• Able to protect the substrate of your existing floor
• Highly affordable when compared with other flooring solutions
• Very versatile
• Hard to scratch, scuff, cut or gouge
• Strongly adhesive
• Resistant to wear and tear
• Superior gloss and colour retention
• Comes in a wide range of colours and is highly customisable
• Watertight, and able to protect the floor from water damage
• Long-lasting
• Easy to remove when you are ready for a change

Where can you use a 2-pack epoxy system?

 2-pack flooring systems are ideal for use in areas subject to heavy wear or exposure to solvents, chemicals, or industrial liquids. They tend to be more commonly used in commercial areas rather than residential.

2-pack epoxy systems are extremely useful for:

• Marine structures
• Bare concrete surfaces, such as garages or factory floors
• Structures in a chemical environment
• Primed steel, timber, aluminium, or galvanised iron
• Metal coatings
• Electrical components/LEDs
• Structural adhesives


Can you apply 2-pack epoxy flooring yourself?

Applying epoxy flooring is not difficult at all – it is basically a matter of rolling paint across the floor to thoroughly coat it. However, before you start, the existing floor needs to be cleaned and repaired to provide a smooth and even base for the floor coating. Preparing the base correctly will ensure the 2-pack epoxy coating will last as long as possible, and give you the best return on your investment. It’s wise to get professional advice on the correct way to prepare the floor if you’re going to go the DIY route, as you’ll need to power scrub and acid etch most surfaces first.

You’ll also need to measure the square footage of the floor to be coated, to ensure you buy enough of the product. You’ll need at least two coats of coverage, so make sure you organise enough so that you don’t run out half way through the application.

Once you have combined the two packs of epoxy paint and hardener, you’ll only have a window of around two hours to apply the coating before the epoxy becomes unworkable. Make sure you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the container. Do not forget to wear protective gear, as the paint can give off chemical fumes when being applied.


Are epoxy floors environmentally friendly?

 Yes, they are. Epoxy floors are created using less water and pesticides than other types of coating, making them one of the most environmentally friendly ways to protect your floors. And they last a long time without needing constant replacing, meaning less products are used in their creation.


How do you care for a 2-pack epoxy floor?

It’s pretty simple really, just hose the floor down if it gets dirty and then dry with a pole-mounted squeegee. If the floor is covered in debris, vacuum, or sweep it up first. Clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent staining, but never use acids, chemicals, or abrasive cleaners on epoxy-coatings.

If you need a 2-pack epoxy floor coating, we have you (and your floor) covered! Get in contact today for advice on this affordable and quality flooring system, a quote or to view our range of two-pack epoxy products.