High Performance Paint

High-performance coatings are designed for protection, performance, and aesthetics. Their primary purpose is to extend the life of a structure’s surface and increase the time between first application and recoating. As a paint product, high-performance coatings also have a secondary function to enhance the aesthetics of a structure or space.

These specialty products help to protect various substrates from corrosion, provide chemical and abrasion resistance, ensure durability and safety, and improve appearance. Elements such as moisture, dirt, dust, and sun exposure over time can cause significant damage to a structure.

The protection provided by these coatings ensures that the substrate underneath remains as durable and safe as possible.

For example, steel is one of the most used materials in construction projects, and it is critical that it resists corrosion — the deterioration of a material (primarily metals) as a result of chemical reactions between it and the surrounding environment. When steel or other metals rust, caused by anode, cathode, and metallic pathway components, the material expands up to 23 times its original size. Utilizing high-performance coatings creates a barrier between the substrate and electrolyte, protecting the surface from contact with chemicals that speed corrosion.